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HMT HMTH008 Premium Hydraulic Oil 46 5L

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HMT HMTH008 Premium Hydraulic Oil 46 is a type of lubricant designed for use in hydraulic systems. It is a mineral-based oil that is formulated to provide lubrication, corrosion protection, and rust prevention in hydraulic systems.

This oil has a viscosity grade of 46, which is a measure of the oil’s resistance to flow at a specific temperature. The higher the viscosity number, the thicker the oil and the more resistance to flow. This oil is designed to provide superior wear protection, reduce deposits, and maintain system cleanliness.

HMT HMTH008 Premium Hydraulic Oil 46 is suitable for use in most hydraulic systems and it comes in a 5L bottle. It is important to consult the owner’s manual or consult with a professional mechanic to ensure the oil is compatible with the specific make and model of the equipment before using it.