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Lucas Oil 10255 SAE 20w-50 Motor Oil-5L

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Lucas Oil 10255 SAE 20w-50 Motor Oil-5L is a high-quality engine oil designed for use in gasoline-powered engines. It is formulated to provide superior protection and performance under a wide range of operating conditions, including high-temperature and high-stress situations.

This oil is part of Lucas Oil’s range of motor oils, which have been developed to meet the specific needs of various types of engines, including passenger cars, trucks, and high-performance vehicles. The SAE 20w-50 viscosity grade makes it suitable for use in older engines or engines that operate under high-stress conditions.

The oil is sold in a 5-liter container and is formulated using advanced mineral base oils, combined with Lucas Oil’s proprietary additives. These additives provide superior protection against wear, deposits, and corrosion, while also improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.