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Abus U Granit X Plus 540

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The Abus U Granit X Plus 540 is a high-security U-lock designed to protect your motorcycle or scooter from theft. The lock features a 13mm square parabolic shackle made of hardened steel, which provides maximum resistance to cutting and pulling attacks. The lock body is also made of hardened steel and has a double locking mechanism that secures both sides of the shackle, making it extremely difficult to break.

The Abus U Granit X Plus 540 has a high-quality cylinder that uses Abus’s patented X-Plus technology. This technology provides superior protection against picking and manipulation attempts, ensuring that your bike is always secure.

The lock comes with two keys, one of which is an LED-lighted key that makes it easy to unlock the lock in low light conditions. The lock also features a dust cover that protects the keyhole from dirt and debris, ensuring that the lock works smoothly and reliably over time.