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Aedcbaide Alarm Disc Lock 110db Anti-theft Disc Lock

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The Aedcbaide Alarm Disc Lock is a high-quality security device designed to prevent theft of motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles. It is a disc lock that attaches to the brake rotor and prevents the wheel from turning, making it difficult for thieves to ride away with the bike.

The lock is made of high-quality materials, including a durable alloy body and a 6mm steel locking pin, making it difficult for thieves to break or cut through. The lock is also coated with a protective layer to prevent scratches and damage to the bike.

The Aedcbaide Alarm Disc Lock features a built-in alarm system that emits a loud 110dB sound when the lock is tampered with or moved. The alarm will sound for 10 seconds, and if the lock is not returned to its original position, it will continue to sound for 35 seconds, alerting you or anyone nearby of a potential theft attempt.

The lock comes with two keys, so you have a backup in case you lose one. It is easy to install and fits most motorcycles and scooters with standard-sized brake rotors.

Overall, the Aedcbaide Alarm Disc Lock is a reliable and effective way to protect your motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle from theft. The built-in alarm system provides an extra layer of security, deterring thieves from attempting to steal your bike.