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Thread: Pressure Cookers?

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    Default Re: Pressure Cookers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taipan View Post
    One of the best things we've ever bought. If it broke it would have to be replaced immediately as we use it 4 or 5 times a week.
    The only reason I don't use it that much is that it is too big! I always end up putting what looks like a reasonable amount in it and end up eating the same thing for days or freezing most of it. For a long time it was also difficult to manage the inner pot for lifting out and cleaning with one hand. Now it isn't too bad but I'm still wary

    I can't wait for the small one as I'll be able to cook everything I like just in less volume - still save/freeze some just not so much!

    Mind you, I'm keeping the big one (somewhere, haven't worked out where yet - might have to confirm that when I eventually get the kitchen done) - because I can't really entertain here, I've been known to cook a meal in it and take it to friends houses to sit and eat!

    I'm quite amazed at how long its taken for IP to actually get the small one produced in european electric. Sooo many people on the FB pages have been waiting. Lots want them for a camper, but if you have two or more people, it makes sense to take the bigger one!!

    As soon as I get my mini, I'm gonna have a cooking session

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    Default Re: Pressure Cookers?

    Finally found a butter chicken recipe that works really well in the IP -

    As per advice I received I increased the sauce ingredients by 5, I used 1.5kg of bone in thigh (1.24 for 750g in Tesco, removed the skin and fat, once cooked the bones just drop out, yield was 800g of meat). After removing the meat I added 150g of butter and 300ml of double cream slowly the used my stick blender to get it smooth. I removed half the sauce and then put the IP on saute for 15mins so the sauce thickened, then stired in the deboned chicken and served. I put the remaining sauce into a pan on a low heat, added frozen peas and diced paneer (didnt get the quantities, did it by eye) and left that to simmer for 15 mins whilst the IP was on saute, made an excellent side dish.

    Served with microwave rice, increasing the quantities like I did left no room for me to do the rice in the IP

    But a really tasty dish, was sceptical about the 10mins to pressure cook that but given the liquid needs to get to a boil that and pressure cooked the chicken lovely.

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