Had first experience with off road riding today, great fun. It was an indoor track and we just used 125s. I was epically slow! Didn't help I strained my lower back the night before (trying to pick up a dropped adv 1190!*).

Start of the day I was getting lapped four times a session, got that down to one at the end.

Its weird as you can spot all the mistakes you are making, target fixation, tensing up etc. But then there are all specific 'off road' mistakes to throw into the mix too. Took two sessions just to figure out gear changes with those massive boots.

Something I want to try again for sure. Will probably only do it maybe 4 times a year, so not sure what the best approach is economically. Buying a bike is probably overkill.

* Bloody side stand. The thing capitulated on a slight gradient as I took the top box off. Thought it was in first gear