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Thread: Campsites in the Black Forest

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    Default Campsites in the Black Forest

    11 of us are going off to Europe on the bikes as usual in July. We have a choice dependent on the weather. Its either camping in the black forest or if the weather is crap in Germany, down to my place (again) near to Nevers in France.

    Now I am a little worried about the availability of camp sites which could accommodate us (we will need about 5 pitches together) without causing problems with other campers, families and young kids trying to sleep at 9pm when 11 of us are sitting around having a laugh and drinking beer.

    I have had a look on the net for campsites in the Black Forest and all the ones ive found have marked off pitches and I reckon they would be either fully booked or only have a few scattered pitches available by the time we get there in the middle of summer. We cant book up early because we wont know where we will be going until about 3 days before we leave the mainland for Europe.

    Has anybody been to the Black Forest around the B500 road area (yes I know its quite long) who has any info about campsites which would be more suited to our requirements?


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    Default Re: Campsites in the Black Forest

    I've camped at "Camping Schluchsee", but it was 20 years ago.

    I'm not really a camper now, but if you want non-camping b&B style place to stay just off the 500, then look up Pension Williams, can't recommend it enough.

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    Default Re: Campsites in the Black Forest

    Only one i can recommend is this (First link) but more west closer to the border. Cheap, clean and friendly. Been the last two years but only as a one night stop over. I did that campsite down to Lorrach then east to 500 and up the 500 in a day in a van so dont get to hung up on time. Start your 500 trip first thing. This one may be better location (2nd link) but cant recommend it i could not get booked in as left it to late


    Here is a handy site. drag map to your location and hit search in middle top of map and it will shop you all the sites around you

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