Hi all, I have got 4 day biking trip to Italy booked in the first week of may, but need the input of people who've been there to help decide which direction I should head.

I am picking up my bike (Triumph tiger 800) just outside Bergamo.

I have done some research and have found websites that tons of amazing roads north of there up past the lakes & into the Alps. However having never been before, I don't know if early May is too early to be heading up into the Alps. I know most of the highest passes are usually still closed.

The alternative plan would be to head east towards lake garda and Verona and do that area, or get my head down the morning of day 1 and head south to Tuscany on the the west coast

Early May, 4 days, which way would you go?
1) North up past lake Como & into the alps
2) East into that hilly area around lake garda & verona
3) South to Tuscany on the west coast.

Opinions from people who've been there please!!