As part of the new garage I got a 2nd hand 2 post ramp.

Unfortunately I wasn't there for the initial taking down bit and the wires had just been pulled off.

It's an HCT 2.1AL40E

They have a manual for the non-electric release version but even that doesn't have a proper wiring diagram.
Anyway I seem to have it all in order but it's going up and not down.

When I press 'down' it goes up a bit, releases the locks like it's supposed to but then just inches down...actually mm's down, barely perceptibly.

If I disconnect the solenoid for the lowering valve it is exactly the same.
I'm getting 22V DC to the 24V solenoid.
I've tried 24V DC direct to the solenoid but no difference to not being there.

Anyone know if these blocks tend to have an emergency over-ride or if the solenoids tend to be standard?
Solenoid is measuring 28 ohms across terminals (O.L to earth pin)

A lift that just goes up is a bit limiting!