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Thread: 1984 zx 750 a2 gpz

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    Feed 1984 zx 750 a2 gpz

    Hi to all thank you for taking the time reading this
    I recently purchased GPZ 750 as a non runner one of the problems it's got is CDI unit trying to find a reliable replacement is harder than I thought if anyone can help source a CDI unit TYPE 21119-1069 it would be much appreciated the bike itself is worth a restoration as it's only done 28539 miles put away and garaged for the last 12 years .two owners from new looking forward to getting the old girl going again
    Regards PECK.
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    Default Re: 1984 zx 750 a2 gpz

    Get a Dyna S ignition for it, you might need the end casing and advance regard mechanism from a Z650 for it to work

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    Default Re: 1984 zx 750 a2 gpz

    Thats clean. I had the same model but never had the fairing lowers. I ended up taking that off anyway and put risers on as it was more comfortable sitting more upright.

    Soon got board with that and rat black the bastard

    Guy from London bought it from me over two years ago for courier work. Last time i checked it was still on the road. Mine had 18k on the clock when i got it. Unblock the carbs, fork seals and back tyre was all it wanted for an MOT. They take a lot of abuse. The good kawasaki forum shut down but this one s still running. Admin is a bit of an egotistical wanker but the members are OK.

    If you fancy better wheel choice you can get the front end and swing arm from a ZXR400 what bolt on and looks nice. Crap picture but you get the idea

    Few other newer stuff can be bolted on. The guys on the turbo forum will keep you right if this is something you fancy.

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