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Thread: Apple: My Favourite Apps

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    Default Apple: My Favourite Apps

    You must have your own but my favourites are - in no order and all are free with no ads.

    Lirum Info Lite. Tells you everything you need to know about your iPhone or iPad. Stacks of detail including battery wear, memory, cpu and goodness knows what else!

    KeePass. Outstanding and works across all platforms. Stores and generates passwords. Highly editable. If you are really security conscious you can save the generated file on a portable device.

    Word Web. A superbly designed dictionary and thesaurus and much much more. Very neat and easy to use. Great for lovers of language.

    Maps ME. This was one of my favourites because it worked offline. Now it is full of bloated junk including links to Uber. I deleted it when they put on a special feature for the Russian sites for the World Cup. FFS! A great app ruined by egos.

    Calculator + For some bizarre reason Apple didn’t include a calculator on the IPad. One on the phone but not the IPad? There is a workaround but that’s another story. Calculator + does its job very simply and works.

    Radio Player. Lots of stations to listen including the BBC. Saves you having to sign on to the BBC’s radio player and giving them your personal details.

    DuckDuckGo. Quite possibly the best privacy browser there is. Works across all platforms. I like their ethics.

    DropBox. I only wish everything in life was as simple and as efficient. In my humble opinion the best cloud storage there is. Works seamlessly across all platforms.

    Apple Pages. Not as bloated as MS Word and the best feature: it has password protection. Now why doesn’t MS Word offer the same feature? Hmm....?

    No doubt you have your own favourites. I do a regular cull. Two screens of apps is enough.

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    Default Re: Apple: My Favourite Apps

    The Word Web is good.

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