Nvidia share prices slump because "cryptomining slump" and they have unsold chips. That's only part of the story, but Nvidia would never admit it. New RTX series of cards are priced even more expensively than the bloated price level that the previous generation of cards achieved (due to cryptomining demand). Nvidia just decided gamers "were willing to pay this when prices skyrocketed so we'll just keep taking the piss".

But a lot less folks are buying at these prices and are angry at Nvidia, seeing it as simple gouging, particularly when the main new feature of new cards (raytracing or summat) needs to be coded in by games developers, and so there are no games using it and unlikely to be for some time to come. I myself am considering buying AMD next time (got a while yet), which I've never done before, because Nvidia are not a company we should be backing at the minute with our wallets, IMHO.

So when you see Nvidia blaming this on less cryptomining demand, it should also be saying "botched new range launch, taking customer's willingness to buy as granted, not enough competition to keep them savvy".