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Thread: Friday weekend type thread (unofficial)

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    Default Friday weekend type thread (unofficial)

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    Purely unofficial because I can't find an official thread.

    What you all up to this weekend?

    This is the weekend I have been looking forward to for the last month.

    Today I motorcycled 35 through rain of biblical proportions, discovering the limits of my waterproof clothing in the process, to a training course that was rescheduled from yesterday, when it was dry. Natch.

    Currently my T-shirt, boxers and socks are still drying on the radiator. Fortunately I keep a spare change of clothes in the office but unfortunately that doesn't include underwear, so today I am officially commando.

    Tonight: course scheduled to finish at 4:30pm, so get the hell out of dodge before the traffic become apocalyptic, load the van and drive off to Bournemouth for a night of RC drifting.

    Then a quick jaunt to the seafront for a night in a cheap hotel.

    Sat: up early for a sunrise walk along the beach, cooked breakfast, then off to the Bournemouth RC Truckers meet for a few hours driving toy lorries around a toy town.

    Then leave around 2:30pm to head back to Trow Vegas, drop off the van, throw on some walking shoes and set off to catch a train to central Bristol to meet up with Greenman and some other mates for a pre-Christmas burger.

    Burger, few beers, then back home. Officially it's a studio night for me so might do some writing or some music or just DJ some techno until I sober up.

    Sun: up early for a spot of writing and probably some paperwork, then off to Yeovil with the family to see the mother-in-law. I think she's invited us down for dinner, and since she seems to survive on about 100 calories per day we'll probably share a 500ml tub of soup and half a french loaf between three of us.

    Back home whenever is polite to leave, or more likely whenever we're at risk of passing out from lack of sustenance. No dinner plan for Sunday but of course we'll have eaten so much for lunch that we won't want anything.

    Sun eve: put the toddler to bed then chill out on catch-up TV. Probably Snowfall and Altered Carbon and maybe even time for a documentary on iPlayer. More beers.

    Hope y'all have a fantastic one

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    Default Re: Friday weekend type thread (unofficial)

    Today is relax and do as little as possible because Christmas Office Part kicks off at 3pm. Got to work at 10am to discover they were having a fire evacuation, so stood in the rain. Tonight, try to stay moderately sober for tomorrow:
    Saturday: Off to college in West Malling, so have to be sober enough to drive the 30 odd miles, part of it on the M20.... Session is all on Worship/Liturgy. Home, shopping and then some wine and sleep! Final weekend of being away from home (4th weekend in a row).
    Sunday: Leading the "All Age Toy Service" in a non-liturgical manner, so the congregation get a break for usual CofE Common Worship stuff. Looking forward to it.

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    Default Re: Friday weekend type thread (unofficial)

    Leaving the office early-ish today, picking up Mrs GP from work and then home (maybe via the pub) to get Christmas out of the loft, tree up and decorated. This will be accompanied by lots of music and a bottle of Port, just to be christmasy, innit.

    Tomorrow: Get some shopping in and then get the old Nissan Elgrand started up, its been Sorn for over a year so not too hopeful, but he battery has been in the garage on the optimate so you never know. Needs MOT service ,tyres and then selling.

    Sunday: clean and ACF50 needs doing on the Tiger, followed by long dog walk and beers.

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