Saw this on FB and it may be of interest to some London riders? Looks like it might have been possible to have kept my XT660!

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Euro 3 Compliance Info
One of our members has found out how to see if your older bike is actually Euro 3 compliant, see below:
Good news, i've copied and pasted the result of the riders outcoem - " ULEZ has accepted the documentation and my bike is now ULEZ exempt! The NOx figure is what TFL care about and the 1200GS has a figure of 0.038 whereas the maximum allowed is 0.15 (EURO3 standard) so it is way under.
Process for 1200GS
You will need the homologation paper for your bike, it is based on the VIN number I am afraid. I got mine from BMW homologation department (email after sending through a copy of my V5, filling in a form and paying 120.00. If you email them will will send you the form you need to complete.

Once you have the homologation certificate you send that along with a copy of the V5 to TFL (there is a link on ther website for applying for exemption) and you should receive notification in a few days.
If you have a friendly BMW dealer try ask them for the homologation papers, it may save you 120.00!
Other < 2006 bikes
What I did is contact for the emission figures for the bike in question. You should get a table with the emission figures, the important one is the NOx. If the NOx is under 0.15 then you need to decide if you want to pay the 120.00 for the homologation papers. TFL require the homologation papers to grant you exemption." This may also work with other manufacturers.