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Thread: The Dakar

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    Default The Dakar

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    Nice news story from yesterdays stage...

    I guess it's that big and open that if someone is in trouble you've got to stop and help because you can't guarantee the officials will find them anytime soon?

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    Default Re: The Dakar

    That’s a nice gesture and will hopefully encourage others to stop. I’ve seen plenty of videos where they just keep going. Brutal race.

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    Default Re: The Dakar

    I think you only get your time back for helping an injured rider, so they don't tend to stop for mechanical
    breakdowns usually unless there team mates.

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    Default Re: The Dakar

    That's fair enough.

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    Default Re: The Dakar

    As i understand it the organisation use the GPS live tracking so they know how long a rider or driver has stopped to assist at an accident where someone has been injured....they then get that time back at the end of the stage

    Its especially important for the bikes as often the first on scene will be another bike as they usually set off early ahead of the cars and trucks

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    Default Re: The Dakar

    There's another story doing the rounds about the Dakar, and it's not nearly as nice.

    A disabled rider got into difficulty and was granted permission to use the highway to complete his stage.

    He was then disqualified for using the highway !

    Copied from Eff Bee on FB !!

    Bill Boyer
    Yesterday at 19:32
    So here's the entire story about Nicola Dutto, straight from Nicola:

    Yesterday, one of the Ghost riders bike broke, and they spent two hours working on it only to go another10 miles to break again and strand the rider. When the team arrived at the next check point they advised the Dakar Representative that the rider was stuck and needed transportation out. The team was several hours out and asked the Dakar Rally Representative if they could travel on the highway for safety and take a penalty. The Dakar Resentative called Dakar head quarters to check and Head Quarters agreed. At the next check point the team once again stopped and asked another Representative the same question, AGAIN, the Representative called Head Quarters to double check that Nicola's team was abiding by the Dakar Rally Rules, everything was wonderful and the team finished the day.

    Now comes the Fun:

    Inside the bivouac an official pulled Nicola aside and told him he was disqualified for taking the Highway, (Yes that same Fucking highway the Top Dakar Rally Representatives told him to take for safety).

    Inside the bivouac Elena Foi went to talk to the Top Representative of the Daker Rally to explain what the riders had been instructed to do for the safety of the team, and to show the Top Dakar Representative the video tape that Julián Villarrubia Garcia took during the telephone calls and exactly what other Representatives told Nicola. The so called Top Representative of Dakar didn't want to hear it and escorted Elena out of his office, with a smug "I make the Rules." WTF, who does this shit! Oh yeah, The French, arrogant bastards!

    Here's the part everyone will Love:
    So as to NOT MAKE The Dakar Rally Association looked bad, they Said:
    Nicola and his team failed to start today's stage, that was the reason for his disqualification. This was 5 minutes after they posted an article that Nicola was still running strong on there Homepage. Gotta love these bastards!

    If they didn't want Nicola to race, they should have said so in the first place! But no, let's first take his $.

    Everyone should Express there opinion to the Dakar Rally Representatives and Top Sponsors (Red Bull, Motul, etc.) that this type of behavior is not acceptable to anyone, especially a Paraplegic rider trying to create opportunities for future Handicap racers,

    Nicola was on his way to a marvelous finish, and I for one am very proud of him, and I am so happy to be part of this team on this glorious life experience. VIVA NICOLA!

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