7m difference though. Which in something that weighs just shy of 2 tons is pretty good. I'm sure that the general traction from the winters is much better than all season/summer tyres in the wet and damp. My main issue is the wear rate, or actually more specifically the uneven wear I get on the rears. Due to the weird way 4x4's seem to be set up they have lots of camber on the rear wheels, this causes uneven wear and then excessive tyre noise, BMW's have so much camber you can see it! I could swap them round to even it up, but I'm not sure it's worth the cost. I need to actually pay attention to how much mileage I get out of them, but I recon that a tyre lasts me just under two years of moderate mileage, perhaps 15000.

If all season ones were significantly less, then I'd be happy to try it, but for something that is almost the same price and for it to then be awful, it's a gamble.

Thanks for your feedback so far.