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Thread: Fifty pounds for a helicopter ride?

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    Talking Fifty pounds for a helicopter ride?

    An elderly couple were on holiday at Skegness and the chap saw helicopter rides for fifty pounds. He told hiswife that he wanted to do this, he'd never been in a 'copter and it was on his bucket list so could they book the flight? She hummed and hawed, "Ooh, fifty pounds, that's a lot for us pensioners. I mean fifty pounds is fifty pounds!" So he ignored her doubts, went to the pilot and asked to reserve a flight. The pilot listened with sympathy and said that okay as a favour to a poor old pensioner, "I'll give the flight for free as long as you don't say a word the entire flight. Not one word. If you do say anything, it's the fifty pounds." After all fifty pounds is still fifty pounds!

    So he told his wife this, and she agreed. "Okay fifty pounds is fifty pounds, so we'll fly but keep quiet."

    They returned for the flight and climbed in, and off the helicopter flew. The pilot, started chucking it around the air, diving and swooping over Skegness, desperately trying to scare the sh!!t from them, but they said nothing. It dived, swooped, skimmed the sea, and almost looped the loop before the pilot relented and decided to return to base. They landed and the pilot turned to them and said to the main, I'm impressed, nobody has managed that before. I really expected you to crack and say something but you've kept quiet and can have the free flight.

    The man admitted, "Well yes, you did scare us badly and and I nearly said something when the wife fell out, but after all fifty pounds is fifty pounds!"
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    Default Re: Fifty pounds for a helicopter ride?

    The free ride is not worth the fifty pounds. Lol.

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