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Thread: Mid-Week Meet (Boxhill)

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    Default Mid-Week Meet (Boxhill)

    Anyone up for a Mid Week cuppa at (say) Boxhill/Rykas over the summer?

    I was going to suggest a semi-regular "First Wednesday", (or second, or third, depends on whether anyone has any preferences), Meet up so we don't really need to check in on the forum if we forget about it.

    Also not necessarily tied to Boxhill - I'm currently living in Aylesbury and working in Basingstoke, so pretty much anywhere between the M23 and the M40 is doable for me for an evening meet up.

    We used to have some fun evenings with about 10 - 15 people making the time to drop in on their way home, or even coming out later.

    Who's in?

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    Default Re: Mid-Week Meet (Boxhill)

    I’ll be up for it ... just not this week ..

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