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Thread: Over the top

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    Quote Originally Posted by demographic View Post
    Nowadays I want a scaffold for stuff like that, a short fall can do a surprisingly large amount of damage as I saw one day when a workmate fell nine feet and properly knackered himself for a long time.
    Think it was several broken ribs, collarbone, broken pelvis, and a punctured lung.

    The people wanting you to just bash on up a ladder are the ones who will avoid any responsibility when you cack off and break yourself.
    As above, to hire a cherry picker you'll have to prove you've been trained to use it, to work from one you should have a harness and be trained how to use it. I don't know what the rules are for scaffold as we don't use it at work, personally I hate working froma ladder as it never feels safe.

    But I also appreciate you have to make ends meet and that being willing to work from a ladder makes the difference between getting and not getting the work, be careful and if possible tie the base of the ladder to prevent it slipping.

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    Thanks guys. No one made me go up the ladder. I was asked by the two property owners who I work with on a regular basis if I could recommend a good company who do such work.

    'salright, I said, I'll do it. Bottom is braced against the substation wall and I actually put four ties in, two per side. Tied off on some iron railings, it wasn't going anywhere. I was a bit worried about the steel clips which hold the two ladders together, one of the bolts had snapped off!

    I replaced it and dared one of the students who rent the property to go up it. He's bigger and heavier than me and jumped at the chance.

    The only other potential issue would be getting the council/energy company involved to seek permission to enter for access. I just unbolted the railings and hopped over the fence. I dread to think what rigmarole you'd have to do to get in there (with a ladder) legally. Then of course I would have to observe all sorts of safety nonsense.

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