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Thread: There and Back Again ( Le Mans to Le Mans)

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    Default There and Back Again ( Le Mans to Le Mans)

    Last Wednesday I went to Le Mans on the Guzzi Le Mans.

    I'd spent the previous weekend setting the points, tappets and balancing the carbs so was fairly confident the bike was running the best it had. Unfortunately the seat pad I was borrowing from Asmethurst got lost in the post so I was going to have to tough that one out.

    Setting off at 5:50 to catch the 8:50 eurotunnel, the bike didn't want to start, repeated thumbing got it running on one cylinder enough to get me running and hopefully would clear after a bit. After a mile though it hadn't so I turned round and headed home.

    Feeling the cylinder heads the right pot was cold, grabbed a plug socket from the garage and whipped the plug out which was wet. Held it to the cylinder head and there was no spark, but it fired up on the left pot. Removed the spark plugged from contact with the cylinder head and immediately got a shock through my thumb, aha powers getting to the plug then Gave it a clean with a bronze brush and managed to get a spark at the plug. I guess it had oiled up a bit when I was setting the carbs up and running on tickover for ages.

    Set off again at about 6:10 bike starting and running fine.

    A12 -M25- M20 bike running fine cruising at about 70-80. I'd stuck one of those throttle wrist rest on to try and help with the heavy Guzzi throttles, waste of time. made using the brake a problem and the ridge caused by the bit wrapped around the bar dug into my palm. That was removed when i stopped to fill up just before the tunnel. Managed to get an earlier train that was loading just as I arrived.

    Into France and head towards a Chambre de hotes south east of Evreux via the backroads avoiding tolls. Managed a couple of hours riding before the rain came. Arrived at 16:00 unfortunately I couldn't check in till 18:00. I was soaked. My Daytona boots had leaked for the first time in 12 years and my Gortex A* gloves had also let water in. Went to the nearest town/hypermarket and brought a small bottle of red wine and a sausage roll for tea.

    The owners turned up just after 6 and I got my bike into the garage below the house and my jacket and gloves drying by the log burner. Ate my sausage roll and drank my wine with the family at the dining table along with a bit of bread and cheese. Went to bed about 20:00 and worked out my fuel consumption (I took a picture of the pump reading and my speedo, no trip) and was asleep by 21:00.

    Tomorrow Le Mans.
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