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Well done on the pass.

Defo look into a track day or 10. Top fun. Just remember you ain't Marquez and have fun. Pity you've missed peak summer as Snetterton do track evenings for about 45 quid in summer. You get a decent number of sessions and don't need to be at the track for 7.30am.

Re meets/groups it's a difficult one. I've met up with a few in my time and some I've hated, others like the old VD SM Essex rides were Ace, as were some of the late night rides into the West End from the Ace with some of the LondonBikers lot. As time went on though I preferred riding with those I trusted in smaller numbers as had too many moments with bigger meets. Most of us are too spread out to meet. LondonBikers used to be good for meets as it was regular and at a central location esp the Ace on Friday nights. But it was mixed. I tend to ride alone 99% of the time now and only miss folks when I stop for coffee. Only done 1 ride with my Bro this year, 1 with my Dad and 1 with my neighbour. Pity as had some epic rides with my little Bro over the years, bit lary without getting stupid
Thanks for the heads up on Snetterton, is that every year? If so then Iíll certainly come back to that. As for the meets, totally understand itís gonna be various personalities and Iím pretty sharp at spotting a numpty. Sounds judgemental, totally not, just have to get rid of the nobs in life. Iím just looking forward to enjoying a good ride out with half sensible riders, although most younger daredevils nowadays donít seem to give a sh1t. Thatís the only thing that puts me off big rides. Iím sure Iíll get there eventually

Thanks a bunch,