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Thread: Science Of Being Seen - Danny John-Jules reports

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    Cool Science Of Being Seen - Danny John-Jules reports

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    Back in mid-June early last summer I trekked the short distance to the Honda headquarters at Bracknell, to assist in delivering a very special version of the 'Biker Down' course for Honda staff. A special guest on the day was actor Danny John-Jules.

    As usual, I delivered my Science Of Being Seen (#SOBS) presentation which I created for the pioneering Biker Down team in Kent back in 2011/12.

    SOBS looks at the problems of human visual perception, examines how the 'common sense' use of hi-vis clothing and day-riding lights is based on an incomplete understanding of conspicuity, and suggests some pro-active approaches that avoid the need to rely on 'passive' conspicuity aids.

    As well as being part of the Biker Down team that has won international road safety awards, the SOBS presentation has also gone international. The day at Honda was just a couple of months after I got back from five weeks delivering the talk at over a dozen different venues in New Zealand on behalf of the NZ Transport Agency on their 'Shiny Side Up' rider safety event, a role I reprised earlier this year.

    What I've only just seen is that Danny wrote up a very positive report on his experiences during the day. You can follow the link to the full story below, but I'll just snip out his comments on SOBS:

    "The course is divided into three modules:

    1. What to do at the scene of an accident.
    2. How to treat injuries Ė first aid.
    3. How to prevent a collision and make sure you are seen on the road.

    "I enjoyed the entire course, but found the third module fascinating, especially the part about being seen on the road. When it comes to biker safety gear, Iíve always been taught to wear bright colours, which makes sense in the dark. But when itís a sunny day, wearing fluorescent colours is counter-productive since youíll blend in with the light and become less visible. Itís also advised that you wear darker shades when the sunís out. The same applies during the night Ė make sure you wear bright colours instead of dark to make sure you are visible to other road users."

    Thanks for the nice words, Danny.

    And if anyone is involved with any rider groups, I'm more than happy to come and deliver SOBS to you. Drop me a line if you're interested.

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