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Thread: 2020 Spain/France/?

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    Default Re: 2020 Spain/France/?

    Doing the Santander ferry as a solo traveller is very expensive. I'll be living in Spain soon, on the eastern side, which is a long way from the Picos. But I did it in 2019, riding to France to meet mates then riding to the Picos via the Pyranees.

    I would recommend riding from the Picos and on to Northern Portugal, specifically Braganca. The A103 and A204 are probably two of the best roads I have ridden in the World. Even on an Enfield.

    The key is to enjoy your ride and the frequent stops. I sometimes have to do a long distance in a short time, but in Spain on non toll roads, this is fairly easy as the roads are much less busy than the UK.

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