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Thread: Should we write a little memoirs of Mr Tack for Marydoll and Jules

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    Default Re: Should we write a little memoirs of Mr Tack for Marydoll and Jules

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    How I met Mark and what happened since then.

    Back in the mists of time when I first lived in London, I was riding into town up the Marylebone Road, I was on the green XJR that some of you will remember.
    I was in full filtering attack mode. I was between the 3rd lane and the middle lane.
    I looked over and saw some huge scary looking bloke on a Harley Dyna with apes. He was between the 1st lane and the middle lane and filtering like a demon.
    We made eye contact and then he just buggered off like a bat out of hell.
    We charged through the traffic in this way for a while until we hit the next set of lights, where we both stopped next to each other ahead of the lights.
    We exchanged a look, the lights changed and we were off again.
    I couldn't believe that someone was riding this fancy Harley with the ridiculous apes so well through the traffic, it was all I could do to keep up with him.
    At some point he peeled off and that was that. I had never seen him before and didn't know who he was.
    A week later there was a VD London drinks in town. I showed up early as usual and was stood at the bar when a heavy arm rested on my shoulders. Mr Tack had arrived.
    We introduced ourselves and sat down with a beer and got talking about bikes.
    He asked if I had been riding up the Marylebone Road recently as he'd had a battle with some lunatic on a green XJR.
    I said, that yes, it was me and he must be the nutter on the Harley.
    We soon became firm friends and I met Mary and Jules and was often at his flat in Highbury.
    We started a Thursday night drinking session every week at the Hope & Anchor on Upper Street, it was usually just the two of us, but sometimes Tufty and few others would join us as well as Mary.
    Mark would download the contents of his working week as a copper and then we'd grab a kebab and go home.
    One fine day, he told me about his plan to go back to Croatia (he'd already been once, after smallred told him about her trip out there).
    He asked if I'd like to go, but due to his work commitments, it would be 3 years before he could take the 3 weeks off work that he wanted.
    I said yes immediately and smallred was also up for the trip.
    Mary passed her bike test (that's a whole other story) and we set off 3 years later.
    The moment we rode into Croatia I knew it was where I wanted to live but Mark was way ahead of me.
    They bought their property not too long after that trip.
    Meanwhile my partner Cheryl and I had started an annual event known as "Garden Rally", some of you will have been to one or two of those.
    Basically it was a bike rally in our small Garden.
    After 2 years we decided to nominate the next hosts of Garden Rally and it became a moving party.
    Mark and Mary were by now living in Croatia and (just) the work on their house was barely finished and they offered to host Garden Rally.
    Lots of us from here either rode out or flew and we had an amazing time. Cheryl had just passed her test and she rode out on Smokey the Bandit, which was Mary's bike, she had given it to Cheryl when they left the UK.
    Not long after that we layed plans to move to Croatia as well, and we made it out here in March 2017.
    Mark and Mary helped us choose our house and were, as always, incredibly helpful all round.
    Since then we've met up on many occasions and become friends with all their Croatian and Brit mates up where they are.
    They were regular visitors to our place on the coast and us to theirs.
    I know how much Mark loved living here and I will always be sad that he didn't get to enjoy it for a lot longer.

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