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Thread: Marquez Crash...

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    Default Re: Marquez Crash...

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    Definitely, the race and qualifying are two different things, provided you qualify well and get a good start in the race. I have a MotoGP subscription and no BT Sport so maybe see different things and get a different commentary. I find the FP sessions and qualifying as interesting as the race itself, if not more so. It's rare that I'll keep hitting the 10 second forward button in a pre race session but do it regularly during a race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigyin View Post
    I read some stuff a while back but cant find it now that as well as GPS it is also down to small accelerometers within the mechanism that detect sudden changes in direction and speed outside the parameters of normal riding. Quatararo managed to set one off when punching his chest celebrating a pole position earlier in the season. GPS alone wouldnt work for the airbag suits/vests and jackets used on the road unlike the MotoGP suits. I know some of the D Air kit needs sensors on the bike that work wirelessly to the suit but some of the jackets have it all integrated into the jacket itself
    Yes. Dainese’s D-Air uses GPS, accelerometers and a gyroscope. The need for a GPS signal has never been a problem in MotoGP, but I can imagine could be an issue in rare circumstances on the road (e.g. riding in a tunnel).

    However, Alpinestars’ Tech-Air doesn’t use GPS. The Tech-Air system uses accelerometers and a gyroscope (all housed inside the back protector). I think this is one of the advantages of the Tech-Air system, because there’s no need for a GPS signal.
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    Default Re: Marquez Crash...

    When Rossi was in his prime it was the sane script every race. He knew he was so much better than everybody else that qualifying didn't matter, he preferred to spend more time on his race setup. That way he could start from row 2, work his way up to 2nd and sit there until the closing stages when he would swoop. The commentators loved it because they could witter on about the will he / won't he... every race. Nobody has had such an unassailable advantage since then, and even Marquez, the winningest rider today, refers to win from the front. The only time you'll see late stage racecraft coming in is when he is seriously challenged, as Fabbers has done a few times recently, and then it's a matter of watching his opponent to suss where he's weak and strong, so you know where to pass and where to defend. Do it late in the race and he has fewer chances to pass you back, but you also have fewer chances to respond if he does pass. It's a gamble

    Watching the two leaving the pits it was pretty obvious that Marquez was following. I'm not convinced it was all gamesmanship, but quite simply he wanted to see how Quartararo got on, how fast he was and where his strong and weak points were. Quartararo in turn was aware of who was watching him and determined not to give anything away. So don't get carried away reading too much into normal race tactics folks

    Regarding "that" crash, Marquez said later that it was nothing to do with cold tyres, in Malaysia they are hot all the time. The problem was the bike setup, where they had deliberately set it for a frontwards weight bias. Hence flicking from right to left as the bike pivots around the contact patch axis it goes light through centrifugal force and if the weight is off the rear when you tap the power on, well....

    In closing I have to say I've been pretty disgusted by some of the comments I've seen about Marquez's crash. Maybe to be expected from some of the fanbois in facebookland but I thought people here knew better. Criticise a torpedo pass by all means but a highside? Do I need to remind people that this weekend a racer died?

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