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Thread: FAQ - Social Groups & Social Forums

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    Default FAQ - Social Groups & Social Forums

    We obviously all share a common interest in motorbikes but some also share a common interests in subjects that do not relate to bikes at all. So TRC uses something called Social Groups to give members an area where they can discuss their off topic interests with other members.

    How do I join a group?

    To join a group, go to the groups page, find the group(s) you are interested in and click the "Join" button. When you have joined a group your membership will be shown in your public profile and you can start to participate in group discussions.

    You cannot participate in a group until you have joined it.

    Can I create my own social group?

    Any registered member can create a Social Group. To do this go to the groups page and click 'Create Group'. If you create a group feel free to promote it in other forums, or mention it if your groups subject comes up elsewhere on the forum, you are the group owner so it is up to you to make it work

    The only thing I ask is that you do not set up competing groups, if they is already a "Widget" group don't create another. Also we don't move threads into the group forums even if they are related to the groups subject.

    Social Group Discussions

    Members of groups can talk between themselves via a mini forum that exists on the social group page, you don't have to use the normal off topic General Mayhem forum. This means that you can discuss your groups subjects without your threads disappearing into the depths of General Mayhem, it also means that you can avoid the thread being derailing by those that see the topic as irrelevant noise.

    The down side of this is that the group discussion mini-forum is not part of the main forums, so it isn't as feature rich (things like quote and attachments), it also means that threads won't appear in My Forum. That said if a social group mini forum becomes popular:

    • Is over a month old
    • Receives more than 10 posts per day

    then the group owner can arrange for a full forum to be created for the group (just ask them to contact TRC Admin). If a full forum is created for the group, the mini forum will remain in place and the full forum will appear in the social groups forums section.

    So there you have it...

    If you have any questions/suggestions, please feel free to ask these in Forum & Network.
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