Everybody has a different opinion on how forums should be structured and which subjects belong together etc. So it is impossible to have a common forum structure that caters for everybody, so the default structure of the forum segregates by general subjects (i.e. bike forums, non bike forums, mechanical advice, rider advice etc). Then we have Social Groups for all the really off topic subjects

This is all well and good, but at the end of the day everybody wants something subtly different to everybody else. To solve this conundrum TRC members can choose to Subscribe to a forum and then have all threads from these merged into one personal "My Forum"

How do I select my subscribed forums?

  1. via this page and find the forums you want to subscribe to.
  2. On the right of the forum name/description you should see this icon :
  3. Click it!
  4. On the next page click the "Add Subscription" button

You can review your subscribed forums by going to your User CP, you can also unsubscribe from a forum via this page.

Once you have chosen your forums visit the "My Forum" page, that is linked at the top and bottom of just about every page, and all active threads in your selected forums will be displayed in one personalised forum.

Note : For the busier forums I would suggest selecting the "No Email Notification" option when you subscribe, otherwise you will receive an email for every post created in that forum.

So where is the "My Forum" page?

The "My Forum" page is linked from various locations:

  • There is a link in the top Navigation Bar under the forums sections
  • There is a link button at the bottom of threads
  • There is a link in the Main Forums section of the Forum Homepage

The actual URL for the page is:

Ok that all works, but where is the "New Thread" button?

As My Forum pulls in threads from different places it is not possible to have a single "New Thread" button. On the "My Forum" page the thread list has a "Forum" column on the left that tells you which forum the thread is in, this column will also contain this icon:

If you click this icon, you will be taken to the normal page where you can a create a new thread in that forum. If you click the forum name you will be taken to that forums homepage.

Whoa!! what is going on with the stickies!?

As you are bringing together multiple forums there is a good chance that there will be a lot of stickies. So rather than swamp the top of the My Forum with loads of stickies these are displayed in a separate box and only on the first page. You can also hide the box contents by clicking this icon (located in the title bar of the stickies box):

Note: This icon is different for each style, the position remains the same

If there is a sticky that has a reply that you have not read, the title of the box will include a "X unread" message where X is the number of stickies that you have not read. This means that you don't have to keep opening the box to check for new posts.

So there you have it

If you encounter any problems with this feature or have any suggestions please post details here Forum & Network