TRC Trader, which is linked to from the top of most pages, is a fully featured categorised classified advertisement system that is available at no cost to all community members. There are no poxy 25 word limits here!

TRC Trader contains the following areas:

  • Sponsor Information & Deals
    Here will will find information relating to the business that sponsor TRC, you maye also find details of any deals or offers the sponsors currently have (only site Sponsors can add new threads to this section, all members can reply)
  • For Sale - Motorbikes
    Listings of motorbikes for sale from TRC members
  • For Sale - Motorbike Parts/Accessories/Clothing
    Listings of motorbikes parts, accessories and clothing for sale by TRC members.
  • Wanted - Motorbikes/Parts/Accessories/Clothing
    Motorbike related items that TRC members are looking to buy.
  • For Sale - Anything and Everything
    Non motorbike related items that TRC members are selling.
  • Wanted - Anything and Everything
    Non motorbike related items that TRC members are looking to buy.
  • Free Cycle
    Anything you are giving away for free.

Depending on the category you are submitting to TRC Trader will ask you for different pieces of information which will be useful to buyers. So for example when you submit a motorbike listing you are also asked to provide the following (although all these are optional):

  • Tax & MOT Status
  • Make & Model
  • Mileage
  • Engine Size
  • ...

People viewing the TRC Trader can then filter listings by some of these values, so if for example you are only interested in 600cc bikes you can filter this. You can also use the default search tools to search through TRC Trader.

Obviously there will be times where it is not possible to provide this information or the options just don't fit, so when adding your listing you will see that most of these include a “Not Applicable” or a "Other (See Comments)" option.

There are also a whole load of other features that help both buyers and sellers:

  • Sellers can submit attachments / thumbnails (e.g. images) to their listings.
  • Sellers can submit a text description of their item. Like forum posts you can use the style tags on this description so you can make text bold, underlined, different colours etc.
  • Both buyers & sellers can add comments and questions.
  • Your listing will automatically close after 45 days, this prevents old and maybe sold items from hanging around. You don't need to delete your listing. If you want to keep your listing active over 45 days send a PM to either Mods or Admin.
  • Listings contain specific areas for seller defined postage information (i.e. will post, won't post, postage cost etc).
  • Like forum posts/threads members can report a listing to the site moderation team.
  • A summary of the items listed in TRC Trader is displayed on the homepage.

Getting the most out of TRC Trader
  • Please try and use descriptive titles, buyers would probably not bother if you title your listing with "Stuff for Sale".
  • If at all possible and applicable include one or more photographs of the motorbike you are selling. You can ask people to contact you for pictures but I can guarantee that most won't bother and simply forget about your advert.
  • Where possible include as much information as possible, this includes (but is not limited to), service history, mot status, tax status, alarms/immobilisers, any damage etc etc
  • If you only want people to collect post details of where you are in the real world. You don’t have to provide your address, however town/city name is a good idea.
  • Use the tags system to tag your listing with relevant keywords.

Good use of titles, content & tags is the best way to ensure that your listing is seen by as many people as possible. TRC obviously has quite a few members who periodically scan through the TRC Trader, but there is also the entire internet out there. If you add descriptive titles, good descriptions and relevant tags these will be available to people who are using search engines.

Boring and probably obvious stuff, but it needs to be said.

The following is a set of guidelines to use when using TRC Trader:

  • TRC only offers the platform for the advertisement, TRC cannot be held responsible for any items that have not been described correctly. Any agreements (or disagreements) made are between the buyer and seller only.
  • If you want to go ahead, but I suggest not adding your email address to the post, this can attract spam-bots.

Thats it!

Well that's about it, if you have any questions feel free to post these in Forum & Network.