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Thread: 2004 Yamaha Fazer FZ6*

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    Default 2004 Yamaha Fazer FZ6*

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    The original Yamaha Fazer 600 was released in the mid 90s and met with huge popularity and respect from both riders and motorbike professionals. Unfortunately it was killed off by EU emission laws in 2003. Yamaha were not prepared to lose this massively popular bike from their line-up so they went back to the drawing board and came up with the new Fazer FZ6 which was first released in 2004.

    The biggest problem this new model had is that it needed to live up to and if possible surpass the standards set by the original model. If the motorbike press is to be believed then Yamaha missed this target by quite some distance. This being said I have never ridden the original Fazer so as far as I am concerned this factor is irrelevant to me.

    I have been riding this bike almost everyday for almost the last 3 years, it looks good, has a great motor, good handling and great versatility, which means I can use it for my daily commute (60 miles) and for a little weekend fun.

    The Engine & Gearbox

    The FZ6 uses a detuned 2003 R6 engine which gives enough grunt to push the bike to a smidge over 140mph. Some say that the detuning has resulted in a bike engine that requires a lot of revving to get anything meaningful from it, IMHO this isn't a issue and the bike is more than happy to work at the lower end of the rev range. However you shouldn't expect the low end "grunt" of say a typical vtwin.

    The Gearbox is "interesting" to say the least, when I first got the bike I thought I had been sold a bag of spanners and was constantly finding false neutrals and extremely clunky changes, this gearbox "problem" was so marked that I opened it and the clutch up to check everything was in order. It was in order and after a few weeks I got used to it, these days the gearbox isn't a problem at all. Although it really doesn't appreciate it when you are in a hurry and don't wait the few minutes to warm the bike.


    Although the suspension systems the FZ6 uses has limited adjustment (preload on rear only), the bike has a good chassis, decent sized tyres, wide bars, and brakes from the R6. All of which adds up to a responsive ride for the vast majority of people. Die hard riding gods will find a lot of problems with the handling, for us mere mortals the bike is more than capable of handing anything we ask it to do.

    Other Stuff

    The FZ6 has some very nice looking under seat exhausts but there are two things you need to know:

    • It isn't a dual exhaust system, although you can see two outlets these actually split at the catalytic converter under the seat.
    • The underseat exhaust setup mean that there is hardly any under seat storage, enough for a wallet and not much else.

    Quality & Reliability

    As mentioned above I ride this bike every day in all weathers and the engine and brakes are derived from the R6 so these are tried and tested. To date I have not had a single problem with any component.

    In addition to this I am hardly anal about keeping it clean, and the bike has no signs of any corrosion that you wouldn't expect to see on a bike of it's age (4 year old)
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    Default Re: 2004 Yamaha Fazer FZ6 Fazer

    Cracking little bikes. I picked one up in January to replace my cherished GSX750X. W plate with 7K on the clock. After a full service, mine will do around 145 if you wring its neck.

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    Default Re: 2004 Yamaha Fazer FZ6 Fazer

    mines the 2008 fazer ...i think they are the same spec.

    my only grip is that the battery is under the tank.

    i sometimes end up with a mobile phone flat battery, i used to just connect one of those cigarette lighter outlets up (with crocodile clips) & plug my phone in (specially useful if the sat nav went flat)

    on its next service, i am going to tell the garage to fit a permanent 12v outlet under the seat

    apart from that.....bloody nice bike

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