As you have travelled through TRC you may have heard people using the terms:

  • You will be sent to the Naughty Corner
  • He/She/It is NC'd

The chances are these didn't make any sense to you, hopefully after reading this thread they will.

On most forums, you are either a registered and active member or you are banned! An outright ban is very very rarely used on TRC instead we tend to use something called The Naughty Corner or the NC.

The NC is exactly what it says on the tin, if you make a habit of breaking the house rules and/or other members regularly report your posts (and these reports are upheld) then you are sent to the NC to think about what you have done The time you spend there depends on the reasons, you may be there for minutes, days, weeks or more.

How do I get in there?

As described here:

TRC moderators use infractions/warnings, each of these carries a number of points when you reach 21 points you are automatically sent to the NC until your infractions expire and your point total drops below 21.

What Happens while in the NC

While in the NC you have limited access to forum functionality, TRC goes into read only mode so you will not be able to reply to or start new threads, blogs etc (you will still be able to use Private Messages). You will also have minimal access to other areas such as the Arcade and Casino. In addition to these limits the colour scheme of the site changes and TRC goes into "broken" mode, this means that sometimes you will see error pages, pages might take longer to load than normal, you may be redirected to another page than the one your requested etc. Once you leave the NC all these restrictions will be lifted and your access will revert to normal.

Anybody who is currently in the NC has their username displayed in red against any posts they have made or in the "who's online" lists available in various areas of TRC.

Other odds and sods.

  • Do not* create an alternative account to bypass NC restrictions, doing so will result in the additional account and the original account being sent to the NC for a longer period of time. (* Especially if you intend to continue doing whatever you were doing to get yourself put in the NC)
  • You can view a list of those people currently in the NC here
  • If you are continually in and out of the NC eventually you will be taking up so much moderation time that you will be banned, thems the breaks the mods are real people and really have no interest whatsoever in pandering to persistent idiots.

That's about it, if you have any other questions about the NC, then post it in the Forum & Network forum.