I have had my 2002 Sprint RS on the road for 18 Months now, having previously owned a 2000 Sprint RS as well. The 2002 model has the newer more powerful engine. Mine was Dynoed with 112bph at the rear wheel on a DynaPro machine.

A comfortable, quick bike, great for commuting. Economy around town is not too bad, giving a return of up to 40mpg. On the open motorways this goes to 54+mpg dependant on riding style.

Servicing is straight forward enough. If you wish to do any ECU updates you either need to invest £250 in Tuneboy with a TuneEdit key to access the ECU or go the to dealer for a remap each time. Tuneboy allows you to set the bike up to your individual requirements and circumstances. A generic map does not always get it right.

The bike is holding up well with the wear and tear. I do use ACF50 on the metal work, and it is proving to be hard wearing as a result.

An inexpensive bike which has a lot of character and is great fun.