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Thread: Triumph Sprint RS

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    Default Triumph Sprint RS

    This is an independent one man website solely funded by ad revenue. If you like the content you find here, don't block the ads check them out instead. Thank you.
    I have had my 2002 Sprint RS on the road for 18 Months now, having previously owned a 2000 Sprint RS as well. The 2002 model has the newer more powerful engine. Mine was Dynoed with 112bph at the rear wheel on a DynaPro machine.

    A comfortable, quick bike, great for commuting. Economy around town is not too bad, giving a return of up to 40mpg. On the open motorways this goes to 54+mpg dependant on riding style.

    Servicing is straight forward enough. If you wish to do any ECU updates you either need to invest £250 in Tuneboy with a TuneEdit key to access the ECU or go the to dealer for a remap each time. Tuneboy allows you to set the bike up to your individual requirements and circumstances. A generic map does not always get it right.

    The bike is holding up well with the wear and tear. I do use ACF50 on the metal work, and it is proving to be hard wearing as a result.

    An inexpensive bike which has a lot of character and is great fun.

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    I likes mine.

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    Default Re: Triumph Sprint RS

    Not impressed with mine at all. It's a 2001 model, with just 9000 miles on the clock when I bought it, I've since added another 3000 in the last two months.

    For just general knocking about it's fine, but I took it to france expecting it to be brilliant and it was anything but.

    I expected big things from the engine, I'd heard so many positive reviews, but I can't honestly see what the fuss is about. It has plenty of torque, but the power fades badly at the top end, and the gruffness of the triple engine translates into vibration and the handlebars that has seen me without any feeling in my left hand for the past fortnight.

    The chassis has a nice balance to it; the suspension is soft, but the damping matches it well, so it doesn't wallow about too much. But get a move on and it all gets a bit wayward, and there's no adjustment on the front aside from preload, so there ain't a lot you can do about it.

    Worst bit for me, though, is the comfort. I've already mentioned the vibey handlebars, but the seat foam compresses too much after an hour in the saddle, making your arse sore far too quickly; and the footrests seem all wrong - I keep catching my heels on the heel protectors, or on the exhaust.
    In all, very disappointing.

    Mine's for sale if you're interested...

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    I love mine. I bought one of the last fifteen of the production run in July 2005 for £4950 including hugger, seat cowl, and other minor bits and bobs. I sometimes test ride other bikes - Tiger, Sprint 1050, Fazer 1000 - and they are damn fine bikes, but there is no way they would make me £4,000 happier than the RS does. I find the RS much nimbler than the old Sprint ST and intend to keep it until it drops to bits.

    Speaking of dropping to bits, the RS hasn't. At all. Last week it had its first fault, four years plus after buying it: the fuel warning light is on all the time. It has had new front discs, but do warped discs count as a fault after four years? Other than that, nothing, absolutely nothing has gone wrong.*

    Performance-wise it is good enough for me, and I have ridden it for seven/eight hours in a day without too much trouble. MPG-wise, if I was getting 40, even round town, I'd be looking for a leak from the tank. I rarely get less than 50, and usually mid-fifties no matter how I thrash ride it.

    It'll be a sad day when it does eventually give up the ghost.

    *Edit: I tell a lie; if anyone sees a bar-end lying in the road somewhere round Nottingham, it probably belongs to me. It wasn't cheap to replace!

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    Default Re: Triumph Sprint RS

    I had a 2001, loved it but it did suffer from being neither sports tourer nor sportsbike:
    - the bars were a little too low or more often a little too high for what ever I wanted that day
    - the handling was a bit top heavy for a tourer but too sluggish for a sports
    - the seat/suspension was a bit firm for all day but a bit soggy for an aggressive ride

    In the end I sold it and got a ZZR for distance and a ZX7R for hooning and now I'm happier

    It was fundamentally reliable but did suffer from constant little niggles, usually air leaks in the FI which while easy to fix got a bit tedious. If you have one thats running rough it will probably be throttle body gaskets or IACV pipes leaking. The finish is good and they're dead easy to work on too, doing the shims is a doddle.

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