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Thread: Aprilia Shiver. Daft name, interesting bike

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    Thumbs up Aprilia Shiver. Daft name, interesting bike

    I like getting naked. It must be an age thing. I find it liberating and refreshing. So when I was looking for a new naked bike I looked at all the usual suspects; Hornet, CB1000R, Monster, etc., but nothing grabbed me. Suddenly I saw the Aprilia Shiver. Went to test ride one. It seemed to fit the bill: naked, good looking, 750 V-twin, well spec'd. Next thing I was the proud owner.
    So how is it?
    Well to look at it is certainly a handsome machine, but beauty is always in the eye of the beholder as well we know. One thing I will say it that it's attracted more positive comments than any bike I've owned from both bikers and non-bikers alike.
    Its party piece is the tri-map engine which allows you to switch between S(port) mode, T(ouring) and R(ain). Obviously sport is full on and you can feel the torque from the twin kick in when you twist the throttle. Touring gives a little more refinement, smoother power delivery, etc. Rain is like riding a 50cc moped. Is it something worth having? Maybe. For newer riders the touring mode may be more forgiving of ham-fisted throttle control but mine lives in sport mode. Always has, always will. Add a digital gear indicator to the LCD display as well as lap timer, average fuel consumption, time of ride, etc, etc and information overload is not far away. Quite why a fuel guage couldn't be added I don't know, but at least it lets you know how far you've travelled on reserve.
    Handling is pretty sharp (although I've tightened mine up with a Hyperpro spring at the back, fronts to follow) and the radially monted brakes work well enough, if lacking feel.
    The saddle height seems unduly high. I'm no shorty and it took a while to get used to it. That, coupled with the weight, could deter female and vertically-challenged riders.
    The engine is Aprilia's first under control of Piaggio, all previous models using Rotax engines. All in all it's a good effort. Although the claimed 95bhp could be a touch optomistic, it's punchy at low revs and works well in town where I need it most. A couple of negatives though; it has a flat spot around 4.5k rpm and it tops out too quickly. I've had well over 100mph out of it though, and on an unfaired bike, that's plenty enough after a while.
    One thing which has put me off Italian bikes before, particularly as I use it day in and day out, is the build quality. Have I done a wrong 'un? Well, yes and no. After one year there has been a warranty claim and a recall, although both were done without quibble by the excellent In Moto of Croydon. Some fasteners have furred a little, even after liberal ACF 50 applications. The beautiful gold frame is worn in two places where my Sidi Black Rains have rubbed although I'd lay the blame with Sidi for that one. Oh, and I've just noticed the clutch reservoir is weeping slightly. Would Japan's finest have faired any better? Possibly, but the character and 'grin-factor' of the Shiver far outweighs this.
    Boring stuff: Servicing intervals are nothing short of awe-inspiring being every 12k miles. Yep, you heard me right. Twelve big ol' thousand miles. That makes a a lot of sense when you need it for work and don't want the hassle of constant garage trips. Fuel economy is as you'd expect with a 750 twin. I'd say 120 miles out of a tank is average and I wish they'd made the tank just a tiny bit bigger. For a wide machine it seems to be a criminal waste.
    One more thing. In the year I've owned it, I've only seen one other on the road. And I had to go all the way to Abruzzo in Italy to see it!
    So would I recommend you to buy one? Only on the condition you keep it to yourself. At the moment I'm loving the ride and the exclusivity it brings and I don't want the Johnny Come Lately's to spoil it for me.
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    Default Re: Shiver. Daft name, interesting bike

    Good review. Saw one of these a few weeks back and the salesman was dying for either me or Sunny to dig our wallets out.
    Do you have any ratings to add to the review?

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