Welcome to TRC

Here is a beginners guide to TRC, the latter part of this post is especially relevant if you are thinking of joining the chat in the Off Topic General Mayhem forum. If you are new here it is really worth spending 5 minutes reading this.

So first things first, thanks for registering at The Rev Counter, commonly known as TRC to its members.

To help you get started here is a summary of what you can find here:

  • Your Profile - This is an area all about you, so add whatever information you want to share with the TRC community. In here you will also find privacy options that will allow you to hide some areas of your profile.
  • The Forums - Probably the busiest UK based motorbike forums on the internet, probably.
  • Articles - Member submitted motorbike related articles, you can also submit your own.
  • TRC Trader - Here you can buy and sell motorbikes, parts, accessories and just about anything else, best of all it is absolutely free and has no silly limits on the length of your listing.
  • Social Groups - These groups are typically off topic and somewhere you can talk about other interests. Feel free to join any of these, if there isn't anything in there that suits you why not create your own and then invite people to join?
  • Reviews & Articles - Member submitted motorbike related reviews, you can also submit your own.
  • Arcade & Distractions - Use these to pass the time
  • Blogs - If you fancy running your own blog or reading other member blogs this is the place to look.
  • Downloads - Member submitted downloads, things like rideout routes and other motorbike related files.

It is also worth having a look around the FAQ area, hopefully this will provide answers to any questions you might have. However, if after looking around the FAQs you have any questions remaining feel free to post them in Forum & Network and I will do my best to answer them quickly.

TRC and its oddities

How to survive General Mayhem (and some other forums)

Like any site the customary off topic forum can be something of an "interesting" place to be. General Mayhem (GM) is our off topic forum, in there you will find banter, conversation, arguments, information and just about everything else. I can guarantee that if you start a thread asking a question somebody will come along with information/reply however I also guarantee that some eComedian will come along trying to be funny (and usually failing). By the same token if you post an opinion I guarantee that somebody will come along and disagree. Here follows a survival guide that will familiarise you with its quirks. That said, I can also guarantee that if you post a genuine thread asking for help then help will be offered.

  • Some people are nuts, there is the odd alias (i.e. somebody posting under multiple account (cowards basically)) and one or two are just living on their very own planet.
  • Just about everything said in the more comedy threads is just banter, so chill your 'tude
  • It doesn't matter what you say, somebody will contradict you and add that you're either a liar or an idiot or both. Chances are somebody will pick you up on spelling, punctuation, grammar etc, this is just banter we are not poet laureates here (even though some might think they are).
  • Don't dis' the hedgehog.
  • txtspk is a cardinal sin
  • Shaft drive motorbikes cannot wheelie, don't even bother posting images showing otherwise - it has obviously been photoshopped
  • Every opinion has a clique, counter-clique and devils advocate.
  • For goodness sake use smilies when having a laugh. Otherwise anything you say, no matter how ridiculous, will be taken as your true stance and be taken seriously and/or be ridiculed/deconstructed within 3 minutes.
  • Sometimes, no matter how serious the subject, a thread won't be taken seriously by some.
  • If you post a link to something (image, video, some random site etc) the chances are somebody else will have seen it a billion years ago and post something about time machines, reposts etc etc. Just ignore it
  • If you really feel somebody has overstepped the mark then use the report function and lot the mods take over.
  • Recurring themes for the last 6 years - the site is going to the dogs because of racists/no threads/no posts/MMPP/piss taking/over moderation/under moderation (delete/combine as appropriate)
  • When the mood takes it there is nothing that GM likes more than getting its knickers in a twist in a stormy teacup

The bottom line is simple, its a good laugh in GM so don't take things so seriously, participate and be welcomed. When you truely need help you will be astounded by the community that makes GM it's home.

The Cheese & Pineapple Hedgehog

Shortly after you make your "hello" post you will probably be asked to partake of the cheese and pineapple hedgehog:

Don't ask me to explain this one, it doesn't make any sense to me either Suffice to say if cheese/pineapple isn't your thing then politely decline saying something along the lines of "sorry but I have already eaten" On a slightly, ever so slightly, more serious note the Hedgehog is kind of a site mascot, why nobody really knows it just kind of happened one night.

Try to avoid using too much styling

The styling options are there to help you highlight important parts of your posts/blogs etc. However it is very easy to go a little bit too far and turn your post into something Blackpool would be jealous of

Odd Terms and Phrases

  • The Soapy Tenner - There is a very long history behind the soapy tenner, suffice to say it is a virtual currency that is typically used for placing bets - the key thing about the Soapy Tenner is that you will never see one even if you win the bet.
  • Aliases - Some might say that you are an alias of X, Y or Z member (i.e. an existing member that has created a new account) - this is just banter. Play along if you want it will drive them mad trying to work out who you are.
  • ming mong ping pong /MMPP - Typically a reference to two or more people having an entirely pointless argument that makes them both look like idiots. Everybody likes a smiley, so we have one just for this:
  • Are we there yet? - Usually somebody wanting to know if the thread has successfully descended from a decent discussion into ming mong ping pong
  • Is it friday? - For unexplained reasons Friday tends to be the day for ming mong ping pong there is also an increase during winter months as the hormonal fai weather bikers need somewhere to let off steam.
  • [x] Should be in XXXXX - Somebody trying to be funny saying that your thread/post belongs elsewhere, e.g. [x] Should be in nobody cares.
  • X Pages - Sometimes somebody may post "15 pages", this means you or somebody else has posting something that is likely to create a "discussion" where opinions will be strongly expressed and is likely to become somewhat heated (see ming mong ping pong). Or you have said you are a girl so all the men come out of the woodwork.

The bottom line is:

It is all just a bit of a laugh really.