It is an unavoidable fact that the running this virtual community cost real world money. Without some sort of income to go towards covering these costs the site would have have to close, as such TRC employs various deliberately unobtrusive methods of generating this.

TRC is not run as a commercial business and does not exist to make a profit, the intention behind what is described here is to generate sufficient income to cover the running costs of the site. Site administrators and moderators are not paid and offer their time for no other reason than wanting to bring this community to everybody who wants to join.


Any registered member can voluntarily become a site supporter by paying a small amount of money via PayPal. As a thank you and also a motivation to support the site, when you become a supporter you are given enhanced access to the site some of its features.

For further information and details of prices please see this page.

Becoming a site supporter/sponsors is entirely voluntarily and while these subscriptions have addition features available to them you will hopefully not find TRC to be "crippled" if you choose not to subscribe.

Banner Advertisements

As a non supporter you will see Google Adsense banners on most site pages. The banner selection process is entirely decided by Google, TRC has no control over the banners you see.

These advertisements are displayed to logged-out and non-supporting community members only. They will never be displayed to Supporters.

I give an absolute guarantee that you will never see a "pop-up" advertisement generated by this site

SkimLinks / Skimwords

Skimlinks adds affliate links to some retailers and service providers, so if you mention Ebay in your post this may be altered to be an affliate link to ebay rather than just text.

Skimwords uses keywords (i.e. car parts) to generate links to some retailers and service providers.

If you click a Skimlinks / Skimwords link and buy something this site receives a few pence in revenue. Readable content does not change only links are added, nor do these links track individual data – but they do help fund this forum.

The advantage of links is that it isn't a banner that gets in the way or take up precious screen space. Other than a few additional links those that see them will notice no other difference whatsoever.

These links are enabled for all users, any registered member can disable these via the edit options section of your user control panel (Look for the Skimlinks section)

Other Advertisements

In addition to these traditional advertising banners TRC also provides Google searching functionality. This also acts as a form of revenue creation. If you perform a search and then click one of small advertisements in the results TRC will receive a small amount of revenue.

The content of search results is provided by Google and it is against their Terms of Service to edit this therefore these search advertisements will be displayed to all TRC users.

You can see a sample of these search advertisements by performing a search here.

Supporter Payments

The payment system is automated via paypal account and your subscription can typically be activated in seconds, to do this simply visit the TRC Subscriptions page:

The Rev Counter - Subscriptions

If you do not have a paypal account you can still use the link above, simply follow the on screen instructions and when you are sent to paypal look for the "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)" option.

If for whatever reason you do not want to use Paypal account you can still subscribe by bank transfer or by sending a cheque, it is a little slower as it is manual but it still works. Please PM WiseBuddha or Administrator for the details.