User Titles - Those words that appear in your username

You might have noticed that under your username there is a title, something like one of the following:

  • A Bit Bored
  • Not Much To Do
  • At Work
  • Really Bored
  • Should Get Out More

These are user titles and are automatically assigned to you based on your post count:

  • A Bit Bored - 0 to 300 posts
  • Not Much To Do - 301 to 1000 posts
  • At Work - 1001 to 2000 posts
  • Really Bored - 2001 to 5000 posts
  • Should Get Out More - 5000+ posts

To be absolutely honest they serve no purpose and have no meaning whatsoever, the current titles were chosen by the community in a poll here on TRC a while back.

You may have also noticed that some members have different titles to those listed above. These people are those who have chosen to become a TRC Supporter. One of the advantages of supporting TRC is that you get to choose your own custom user title.