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Thread: Honda ANF125 Innova

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    Default Honda ANF125 Innova

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    I bought my Innova new back in 2004 for the sole purpose of my short commute to work.

    The bike is a further refinement of the old Honda cub stepthrough series loved and abused by almost anyone who aspired to all things two wheeled. Honda upped the engine capacity from 90cc to a heady 125 and gave it an extra cog (now 4) to deal with the resulting 9bhp. Gear shifting is the same heel and toe of the cub series. Race pattern,down for up and up for down.

    The Innova handles better than any 90 could ever hope,because the bike is so light it can be held at a speed that would worry some larger bikes in a corner. The little bike has ridden around many bigger bikes on roundabouts,simply because it's so easy to do. The original fitment tyres Dunlop TT900 are excellent wet or dry,summer or winter. A rear lasted me around 5-6k,the front is good for 9k.

    Fuel consumption can be hard to drop below 100,though 90 is achievable.

    Finish is good,I rode all year round using a mix of Scottoiler FS365 and ACF50 to keep the salt at bay. I notice the new fuel injected Innovas seem to have a much shoddier build quality,lots of parts now just painted black rather than chromed.

    A few faults.

    The headlight is utterly pathetic and dangerous on unlit roads,replacing the weedy tungsten bulb with a halogen item helps a little,still no searchlight.

    The exhaust rots and breaks just at the cylinder head and as the unit is all one piece you must buy a complete exhaust. 70 new. No biggy.

    The rear brake and mainstand share the same spindle which seizes with monotonous regularity and often has to be drilled out,hammers don't work. If you have a set of hands fit a couple of grease nipples,if not,keep a drill handy.

    Tubed tyres are an abortion imo,not easily fixed by the side of the road,this is the one feature I really hated about the Innova and was eventually instrumental in my trading in. The wheels also showed quite bad corrosion inside the rim. A set of alloy wheels as stock would be a great selling point,but I suppose for 1600 new I can't complain.

    I loved my 5 years with my Innova,a cheap reliable tool that will allow some laughs. If you don't do many motorway miles (headwinds can limit the top end to 45-50 screaming in 3rd gear),just A and B roads it's well worth a look.
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    Default Re: Honda ANF125 Innova

    Hi, this is a very fair write-up and having owned one of the Honda "Flying machines " in past years was nice to see this post

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