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Thread: Suzuki GSXR1000 K3

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    Default Suzuki GSXR1000 K3

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    Gixxers,you either love them or hate them. Even the word 'Gixxer' is enough to make some come over all frothy. They have a bit of an image,whether that's cool or a problem depends on the individual. GSXRs are perceived as the bike of choice if you are a young talent free hooligan with half a brain cell. I suppose I qualify for at least two of those.

    Anyway,if you can look past the shellsuit graphics and the stereotype you will find exactly why this is such a popular series of bikes. Suzuki have never made a bad GSXR1000,they all deliver the goods.

    The current crop of powerful litre bikes are edging ever closer to peak power at the expense of low down and even in some cases,midrange. The K3 pulls like train from anywhere on the tacho. Want to leave it in top gear all day,no bother,want to redline every gear...good luck on the road. Dropping a tooth off the front sprocket gives it even more urge,if you should find too much isn't enough.

    Handling is great,I replaced no suspension components while I had this bike.I found what I wanted in the stock range of adjustment. It was the first bike I owned where the stock suspension setup was aimed towards the track and needed backing off for the road. Coming from old soggy wallowers where everything needed to be screwed fully home,that was a novelty.

    Brakes are best described as adequate. Little in the way of either power or feel. Braided lines help,but I think the calipers may be at the root.

    Suzuki are often slagged off for build quality and justifiably in certain cases.Looking at the new K9 it seems exhaust parts are made of tinfoil,lots of cheap looking fasteners over the bike too. The K3 seemed to be better finished than some Suzukis,though neglect at your peril.

    Fuel consumption can be in the 40s if you so desire,the seat is brilliant,genuine all day bum cosseting. The riding position of any sportsbike is always going to be an issue for some over distance. I found it comfortable on short runs and bearable for all day.

    Given the lowish price of the K3 and K4 models,there are very real bargains out there.

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    Default Re: Suzuki GSXR1000 K3

    pretty much agreed.

    Build quality was better than the honda i replaced it with.

    10/10 for the engine.

    Pegs are high though, but that applies to all gsxr's.

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    Default Re: Suzuki GSXR1000 K3

    I've used these bikes for over 30 years and can safely say they're second to none both in terms of quality and value for money.

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