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Thread: FAQ - Account Deletion

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    Default FAQ - Account Deletion

    TRC is primarily funded by ad revenue. If you like
    the content you find here, don't block the ads check
    them out instead. Thank you.
    For any one of many reasons, you may choose to cease your participation in TRC. The following outlines everything you need to know about the process of leaving TRC.

    Rather than beat around the bush, once created an account cannot be deleted. The main reason for this is that once you hit the "submit" button, the information you post becomes part of the "public domain" and as such is not just held here at TRC. What this means is even if something is deleted from this site it may still be available, to anybody on the internet, elsewhere, for example:

    • Search engines will cache post information.
    • Other site users may quote a post/blog/pm within TRC, copy the content to another site they use or maybe keep a local copy on their computer.
    • ISPs and other internet services may keep caches.
    • If there is a failure in TRC and we have to recover from a backup, posts may re-appear (even years after they have been deleted)
    • Online web archives will retain earlier versions of TRC

    As a result of this TRC cannot, in all good faith, offer any guarantees that content from a deleted account will never resurface. In addition to this if deleted your account name is returned to the pool of available usernames. This means that somebody could easily impersonate you after deletion.

    The bottom line here is "think before you submit". After you submit everything you have said becomes immediately visible to everybody that has an internet connection and it is extremely difficult to erase it.

    All members will still retain the ability to delete any submission they have made at any time. This is irreversible and assumes you understand the limitations of deletion (as described above).

    If you choose to leave TRC then all you need do is not visit any more - if you so choose you can set your control panel options to prevent any notification emails being sent. You can also request that your account be merged into a "Deleted on Request"/"Guest" user that acts as a bucket for many accounts.

    GDPR Update

    Requests under GDPR for "right to be forgotten" will be handled as follows:

    • All public posts you have made will be moved to "Deleted on Request" / "Guest"
    • Your account will be deleted therefore removing private messages, email addresses etc
    • Your username will be available for registration

    Note, per legal advice given to TRC public posts do not constitute "personal data" as per GDPR qualification criteria. If however, you have posted personal details, apart from this being against site rules in the first place, please identify these posts and they will be manually deleted.
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