There are three types of forum moderators:

  • Administrators
  • Super Moderators
  • Moderators

Here is some information about each of these groups (you can view a list of all accounts in these group on this page:


Administrators have full access to absolutely everything that relates to the site, in addition to this they have the final word on anything relating to TRC. The main administrator for TRC is "WiseBuddha" or "Administrator"

If you need to speak to an Admin please PM one of these two accounts. On the link above you will also see "MrsWB" (i.e. my other half) who is also an Administrator as she looks after subscriptions and sponsors. You will also see some Administrators marked as "Unattended Account" these are system accounts that perform various tasks, do not PM these are nobody ever logs onto them.
Super Moderators

Super Moderators are voluntary anonymous site wide moderators who have access to perform most moderation functions within all areas of the site. This includes, but is not limited to, opening/closing threads, issuing infractions, editing/deleting posts and threads.

As mentioned Super Moderators operate under anonymous accounts, these accounts are named "Moderator <colour>" (i.e. Moderator Red). The reason for using anonymous accounts is that the people behind them are community members who have voluntarily chosen to help TRC to be what it is. As such they also have a normal account which they use to participate in the daily activity of the site without having to deal with those who choose, for reasons better known to themselves, to persecute them.

These accounts are only used when a moderation activity is required. Unless the Moderator is on-line please do not PM them as there is no guarantee of them being on-line at any point in the near future. Please use the post reporting functions or PM an administrator.

These types are not currently used
None the the user types above can be added to an ignore list.


Unfortunately the very nature of the internet causes something I like to refer to as the "keyboard warrior triad":

Internet + Anonymity + Idiot = Keyboard Warrior

Moderation is fortunately absolutely irrelevant to 99.9% of TRC uses as they have enough common sense and community respect to not require any moderation whatsoever. However there is a 0.1% of people that are idiots and seem to enjoy disrupting the site. The rest of this page talks about that minority.

How TRC is Moderated

The "official line" on how this site is moderated can be found here:

TRC Terms

However this is a fairly boring read, so the bottom line is if you act like an idiot* and community members report this the TRC moderation team will most likely issue a warning or an infraction.

Infractions are a points based and the more serious the "crime" the more points the infraction carries and the longer they will remain active. If your total of active points goes over a specific amount you will be automatically placed in the Naughty Corner until your total points falls below the trigger amount.

Alternatively your TRC account might be put into "miserable user mode" , this means that sometimes you will see error pages, pages might take longer to load than normal, you may be redirected to another page than the one you requested etc.

You can view details of all members currently in the Naughty Corner or in Miserable Mode on this page.

If you receive an infraction you will be sent a PM detailing the reasons/activities behind it. You can also see active & expired infractions in your profile (This information is only available to you, administrators and super moderators unless you are sent to the NC and then some of this information becomes accessible to all members). If you feel the infraction is invalid, admins/super mods are more than happy to discuss this as long as the conversation remains private & civil.

The administration and moderation team do this voluntary job for the love of the community and no real personal benefit, as such there is no tolerance whatsoever for abusing mods or referring to them in an abusive manner. Moderators will always be civil and expect the same from you. Nor is there any tolerance for people who choose to not adhere to a moderation request, if a mod asks you to do something do it, they are asking you for the benefit of the community as a whole not because they are on a power trip.

* act like an idiot

Obviously this is something that is extremely subjective and impossible to give specific examples of - although we are all adults so we all know what constitutes being an idiot means. The moderation team will typically not act until community members report an activity (unless one of them spots an extreme case of "being an idiot". When reviewing post reports the moderation team will disregard comedy and tit for tat reports, in fact doing this will in some cases work against you.

Also if you constantly pop-up on the moderation radar the amount of slack you will be given will be reduced, i.e. if you are never reported and one comes in the chances are nothing will happen, however if you are constantly reported the tolerance you are afforded is much less. Some people interpret this as biased moderation, it isn't.

More often than not the first time you pop up on the radar you will be sent a private message asking that you stop whatever it is that you are doing and simply participate as a community member and not an idiot. If you can't manage this then the process described above will usually kick in. Although sometimes for the entertainment of the community, and to make the utterly tedious task of moderation more entertaining, you posts may be changed.

Post Reporting & What happens with them.

You can report any post on TRC by using the post report button on the post (at the bottom of the username area):

This is the image used on the default style, other styles may use a different icon

This can be used for anything you believe needs to be brought to the attention of the moderation team. When you make a report the reason you enter and also a copy of the post (just in case it is subsequently edited) is sent to the mods. Every single report is reviewed but not all reports result in a moderation action.

If you report a post you will not usually receive a response, the reason for this is that it is extremely time consuming and the status of a report might change so we would have to send out constant updates. "Status change" means that if we get one report and it is deemed to be borderline/petty then nothing will happen, however if in subsequent hours/days we might get more reports in then action may be taken. If multiple members report a post then the "tolerance" level is reduce somewhat.

When reviewing reported content these are dealt with in "isolation". By this I mean that we look at the reported post and any actions directly associated with it, we do not have the time or resources to spend hours researching "back story", "baggage", "history". Anything that may or may not have happened outside the TRC domain is deemed to be irrelevant as we have no way of corroborating any claims.

The following are also extremely important:

  • Moderators do not exist to fights your fights or finish your fights for you. This means that if you choose to participate in a flame/abuse/idiot/tit for tat/trolling and then choose to report it the chances are nothing will happen regardless of who "started it" or "took it too far". In other words don't stoke the fire (and make a possibly bad situation even worse), report it and ignore it.
  • If you choose to wind somebody up and they respond "in kind" and you then report it, the chances are nothing will happen, reap what you sow and all that.
  • Because TRC uses infractions you typically will never see what happens as a result of your report, I guarantee that every single report is reviewed and looked into.

Freedom of Speech

There is no Freedom of Speech here at TRC, there I said it. One of the central concepts that underlies this sites community and moderation is responsibility of speech, not freedom. Due to the anonymous nature of the internet the issue with freedom is that it can too easily tip over into license - the idea that people can do whatever they please regardless of the consequences for others.

Yeah but no but yeah but

From time to time, after performing some sort of moderation the receiver sends a reply that reads something like:

....Yeah but no but yeah but X person did this and that and nothing happened....
  • Until you are in the NC infractions are private, this means that you do not know whether "nothing happened" or not.
  • If the activities of X person were not reported then, unless extreme, they are irrelevant.
  • You don't see the reports that may have been made against you that we choose to not act upon.
  • You sound like a 5 year old.


reports that, reading between the lines, read as:

....I am only reporting this because I got nailed for doing the same thing so its all tit for tat but I don't expect you to do anything because you are all biased, blah blah blah...
Will, as you can imagine, be ignored.

The bottom line is simple, we are all adults so partcipate and be welcome.