Why do I get logged out

It is often the case that members share the same computer with other people or login from public locations, as such TRC has an auto logout feature that is there for your security and is currently set to 15 minutes of inactivity. As an example, when you are typing a post you are not sending or receiving anything so the auto logout will kick in if you take more than 15 minutes and your post may be lost. This counter is reset to zero every time you send a request to the TRC website (i.e. refresh a page).

If you have no need for this auto logout security, simply check the "Remember Me" option when you next login. Doing this will store a piece of information on your computer (a cookie) that tells TRC to not log you out unless you click the logout button or clear your cookies.

This setting is also important if you play games in the Arcade, sometimes you can spend more than 15 minutes playing a game, during which time you are not sending or receiving anything from TRC. If you do spend more than 15 minutes playing a single game and do not have the "Remember Me" option checked you will not be able to submit your score as when you hit the submit button the site will think you are logged out.

How to view a sortable list of who is on-line

Community @ The Rev Counter

How to view current Moderator & Administrators

Community @ The Rev Counter - Show Groups

How to subscribe to a forum

Open the forum that you would like to subscribe to, for example:

General Mayhem

At the top right hand side you should see a "Forum Tools" drop down menu. Click the down arrow and select "Subscribe to this Forum" then select your subscription options and click "Add Subscription". If you are subscribed to a forum, when you visit the portal page there will be a link to it in a boxed titled "Favourite / Subscribed Forums"

Spoiler Tags

When making a post to the forum, you may have noticed the following icon in the post editor:

Clicking this icon creates something called "spoiler tags" that look something like this:


Any text you enter between those two tags will be hidden from the user until they click a "show" button. As an example:


This can be useful when posting race results, or if you are posting something that somebody may not want to see without warning (Always include NWS warning for NWS content)

The only thing to remember is that the text in the spoiler will still show in the mouse over preview on the forum thread listing.

Adding youtube videos to posts/blogs

Lets say you have seen a Youtube video and you want to discuss it here or you simply want to show other people the video. Normally you would paste the link into your post, however you can also directly embed the video into your submission so that people can play it here without having to click into Youtube.

So, lets say you are looking at the following video


You can add this to you post by entering the following text:

Now this has probably just confused you, so what you need to do is take the youtube link example above and remove this part of it:

This will leave you with this:

Then stick [YOUTUBE] at the beginning and [/YOUTUBE] at the end, this will give you:

When you submit, you video will be embedded in your post. The is only one other thing that needs mentioning, some youtube users do not allow their videos to be embedded. If this is the case everything described above will not work.

Some times youtube likes to make things a little complicated and you have a URL that looks like this:

In these case the code you place inbetween the [youtube] tags is everything from v= to the next &. So in this example 2uLUdekbWEw