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Thread: Yamaha FZ6 S1 (2004)

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    Default Yamaha FZ6 S1 (2004)

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    In order to make this review relevant it has to be acknowledged that this was my first bike. I bought it used in March 2009 for 2600 and due to inflation plaguing new bikes today, hasn't lost any money, which make the whole experience even sweeter.

    Since it was a first bike, I will try and hide the fact that I am probably a little bit attached to the thing by some non rational feelings. Here's a good points / bad points review where I'll try and be as objective as possible.

    Good points:

    - Neutral ride: it won't catch you unaware and will let you know what's happening under your wheels

    - Forgiving: it won't throw you down the road if (when) you get it wrong, grab too much front on a damp surface in a corner etc... It'll just slide neutrally until the front re-acquire grip. Obviously, ride with caution, too much and you will fall. Be sensible and the bike will be sensible too.

    - Flexible engine: as a first bike, you'll find enough power everywhere unless you are going slow in 5th and 6th, then you'll need to go one or two cogs down.

    - Easy maintenance: 6000 miles in year and nothing has gone wrong. Service is cheap and should be easy to do yourself it you wish to. Easy to clean too.

    - Comfy: had one long trip on it (600 mile) and felt OK. The sit up and beg position can be bit hard on the lower back but the 1 piece seat allow you to shift your buttocks back and forth so you can find a better position.

    - Cheap to insure: 30 y.o, town location, garaged, datatagged = 300 with Carole Nash incl. helmet and leather replacement and legal cover. No pillion and they've extended my mileage allowance by 2000 miles for free.

    Bad points:

    - Vague front: my bike was 130000 miles so maybe the shocks were due a refurbishment. Rear was fine but the front wasn't giving a lot of feedback, especially when I wanted to go a little faster in some well known to me turns. It didn't fill me with confidence and made me back off. A test ride with several others, newer bikes on my favourite roads made me realise this.

    - Revy engine: in terms of speed, the engine would come alive around 8000rpm, resulting in very little torque low down. Following your mates on litre bikes will make you dance on the gear-lever. Detuned R6 engine revs to 14000rpm sounds good with race pipes though, but can prove tiring.

    Overall a perfect first bike: you will realise that there is better out there but it'll fill you with confidence for the rest of your biking career.



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