I know this wonít be massively interesting to most posters here so Iíll try to keep it brief.

I donít have a massive comparative. I owned a Vespa ET4 125 from Aug 2004 to Jan 2010 when it died in a crash and then had the Honda PS125 as a loan bike for around 5 weeks. Really, having the Honda helped me move from the lighter air cooled scooter to the heavier liquid cooled machine.

Reason for changing model Ė commute had changed from 5 miles when I first got the vespa to 17 miles including a stretch of motorway. If I still lived in Central London, then Iíd stick with a vespa. Also, I was riding like a real idiot. The vespa is so slim and light, itís super quick off the lights, great for gaps esp sans mirror(s) and really reactive. I wanted something to slow me down a bit and the width of the Runner does that because filtering is so much more difficult, not only more than the vespa, but also the gixxer which is now by far the better filtering tool.

Upside to the Runner Ė it definitely thinks itís more than a 125 (although I am a light person). Top speed to date is 75 mph without pushing it, so I actually get into the second lane of the motorway; brakes are pretty good, wheels are larger for pothole management, suspension is awesome compared to the vespa, fairing is larger so more weather protection which is most of the point in my owning a scooter. Taking much heavier pillions is a piece of cake. Small point, I love how I can put my feet up straight as well as down at the sides and that I can fit a full face lid under the seat.

Downside Ė I had some stalling issues during the running in period which seem pretty sorted now. Itís much wider than the vespa. Also heavier than the vespa which might make pushing it out of snowy streets in Winter implausible.

The Unexpected Ė I had heard that the Runner was meant to be super sporty. Difficult when you ride a sportsbike but it ainít sporty to me. Sure it does 75 and is quickish off the lights but thatís it. If I keep getting on with the bike, I may fit a different can and refit the mirrors to be more filter-friendly. Having said that, itís much better than the Honda.

On the whole, really pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend for commuting in shit weather, grocery shopping, popping to the gym and great fuel economy or when youíre so tired from a long day in the office in deepest darkest January that a geared sportsbike just seems a hassle.