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Thread: Everything you wanted to know about TRC Reputation

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    Default Everything you wanted to know about TRC Reputation

    You may have noticed that member profiles contain the following pips/images:

    This FAQ items describes what these are all about.

    Those images are linked to something called "Reputation". In summary this is a feature that allows members to give others a virtual pat on the back. As an example, if you ask a question in "The Mechanics" forum and somebody replies with information that is helpful you can choose to thank that person by giving them reputation.

    Your reputation level, i.e. what you have been given by other community members, is shown by the little green pips in your mini profile (on the left of posts). The more green pips the more reputation points they have received.

    Everybody has a different level of reputation giving "power". The higher your reputation score the higher your reputation giving power. In other words, the higher your reputation the more points you give when you give reputation to somebody else. For every 100 points of reputation you have you gain 1 point of reputation altering power. Additionally:

    • For every 1000 posts, you gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.
    • For every 100 registered days, you gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.
    Your current reputation power is also displayed in your Mini-Profile.

    How do I give reputation?

    Look for this icon below a post (on the right on the same bar as the quote button - its says "Give Rep" after it):

    If you click it a popup will appear - enter a rep comment (if you want), click "Add to Reputation", job done.

    Where can I see my reputation score?

    Your current rep score and recently received rep and rep comments are displayed on your main profile (this is only visible to you). There is also a summary of your rep score displayed in your mini profile next to posts you make on the forums (the green pips mentioned above - everybody can see this). You can get to your profile by clicking on the settings link at the top right of most pages.

    You can also get a brief summary by clicking the "Give Rep" button at the bottom of any post you have made (you can't rep yourself)

    What is in place to stop it being abused?

    • You can only give 10 reputation clicks in a single 24 hour period. This is a rolling 24h period not, for example, midnight to midnight.
    • You must have 50 posts before your reputation hits count on others. You can give reputation points however these will have 0 points of power, i.e. make no effect on the receivers actual reputation. If you receive rep from somebody that has no rep power you will see it in your profile with the following icon
    • Reputation you give is not anonymous, the person you give to will know who it is from.
    • It is not possible to give negative reputation at all.
    Some of the reputation pips/images are different colours?

    • - One green dot is given for every 100 reputation points.
    • - From 500 points on, one bright green dot is given for every 200 reputation points.
    That about covers it

    Any questions? Ask them in Forum & Network
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