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Thread: Bends Basics for 60 - Summer 2011

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    Exclamation Bends Basics for 60 - Summer 2011

    TRC is primarily funded by ad revenue. If you like
    the content you find here, don't block the ads check
    them out instead. Thank you.
    A brand-new for 2011 half-day course exploring core advanced cornering technique, eg: positioning for view and for safety, planning a line round a bend, dealing with tightening corners, countersteering, and throttle control.

    I've been running them now for some months for Kent & Sussex Bikers forum and have received very positive feedback.

    These are "starter" sessions looking at the basics of advanced cornering technique, including positioning for view and for safety, how to plan your line round a bend, how to avoid being surprised by a tightening corner, countersteering, and throttle control.

    DDB: Good course though I feel vastly more confident about choosing the right line through bends and not getting caught out half-way round
    Daesimps: The course was very good and has improved my confidence no end. Im also far more aware of road positioning when taking junctions/bends.

    In short, it covers everything that a basic rider course like Direct Access usually leaves out through lack of time, so if you're newly qualified this is the course for you to start your learning process to becoming a more complete rider.

    If you're more experienced but have never done any post-test training, then these sessions are perfect. They won't push you too hard, but they will give you a confidence booster and they are the perfect way to follow up a "Bikesafe" assessment with some better cornering technique. or to give you a chance to run through the annual "Better Cornering" articles that appear in the bike press.

    If you're preparing for your advanced bike test, many riders struggle with adapting to the demands of 'advanced' positioning. This course will show you how to do it - and when NOT to do it.

    Train with an experienced BTEC-qualified / DSA-approved instructor and all for a recession-busting 60.

    Drop us a line and book one now!

    Survival Skills Rider Training also runs a full range of other training courses suitable for everyone from new and returning riders to highly experienced - I've had police riders do these courses as a change of viewpoint from their own training school courses! Whatever your skill level, there's something for you. Check out the website at for full details of what we do. Check the 'Latest Availability' page on the blog for last minute booking!

    And don't forget... discounts for TRC members applies on most courses.

    Keep an eye on our Facebook page for special offers too! Drop us a line there!
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