Dotted around various areas of TRC you may have seen various forums with a name something like "XXXX - RSS Feeds" or "XXXX - News'

You might be asking yourself "What is this forum about?", "Why can't I start a thread?" and "What are RSS Feeds?", hopefully the following will answer these questions:

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a method of receiving constantly updated links/information from websites that have this enabled. In essence the RSS is a summary of all the latest information on a website.

The TRC forum is configured to check a series of popular and relevant RSS feeds, pull down the latest items and then create them as threads. Once the item exists (each as a separate thread) community members can view these, click links to the full story (on external sites) and also reply to the thread and therefore discuss the item. However you cannot start threads in this forum.

As an example, every so often minutes the TRC server will get the latest news from, it will then post the headlines in the feed forum under an account called "TRC RSS Bot". Once the thread has been created you can then reply to it.

All RSS feed posts are marked with the following icon:

To prevent feed threads with no replies getting in the way of your day to day TRC surfing, these are only included in the "New Posts" list if there is a reply and it has been moved.

If you would like to suggest a feed to add, feel free to post the details in Forum & Network