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Yes, I have done the bends 1 and 2 course... the cambrian mountain refresher sounds good ... my best mate may also be interested.

Cost / Availability? - PM if you prefer

Normally a one day course is 185, with a second person along @50% (cos I add an extra hour and have to write two reviews), the total would be 277.50

As you've already done training with me, I'll knock off 20 / 10. That's 165 solo... and 247.50 if your buddy signs up. What the heck - the sun's shining so let's make it round numbers 160 / 240! How does that sound?

If you can make either Saturday 17 or Sunday 18 May, that would be perfect! But I will need to know within a day or two, so I can book accommodation for myself! It's a bit too far for a day's ride from Kent