The TRC community is always happy to help charity or participate in altruistic events, in fact in a lot of cases a TRC member is the organiser of the event or the person who is going to sit in a bath of beans for a week.

Wherever possible the TRC community will help in whatever way it is able to and this extends to site administration. As such where possible, and on request, charity threads can be made sticky. However for obvious reasons we can't have 20 odd charity sticky threads or stickies stuck for months on end, so this is what we do here:

  • To get the thread stickied in the first place PM WiseBuddha or Administrator.
  • The thread will remain sticky for at least 1 month. In this time just about everybody will have seen the thread and those able to do so will have helped or expressed an interest in helping. Also people become "blind" to a sticky that has been around for months on end.
  • Getting a thread stickied works on a first come first served basis, there will only be a maximum of two stickied charity threads in any one forum.
  • Charity threads are not deleted they are simply unstickied, this means that they will drop down the forum list based on the date of the last post (like a normal thread), so a new post will "bump" the thread. However, please do not constantly bump your thread if there is nothing new to add.

If your charity event is something that occurs on a specific date, after that date the thread will be unstickied. Please PM WiseBuddha or Administrator to advise that your event has taken place.

One final thing that you must understand. On occasion, and for reasons better know to themselves, some members will reply negatively to your charity thread rather than just ignore it. Please do not reply to these posts, report the post through the available post reporting system and from there it will be dealt with by the site moderators.

That's about it, any questions? Feel free to PM me.