Bit of drumstep for y'all. Before we go any further, let me explain that dubstep / drumstep is totally not my thing, but I decided to try something a bit different.

I've been meaning to finish this one off for a few months but I've been waiting on a new drum pad to arrive. I finally gave up waiting for the Alesis Performance Pad to arrive at my local store and went for a Yamaha DD-65, which is kind of a toy in many ways and doesn't have the most awesome sound quality, but as a controller for reason (once I'd mapped everything up properly) it works pretty well. So for the first time in years I'm not playing in a couple of bars of drums on a keyboard then cut-n-pasting them across the entire song; now I'm actually playing in the drums as they come into my head. Live recording totally rocks!

Hopefully once my skills and confidence improves I'll be able to play in a whole drum track without quantization, but for now everything's been pulled back into time by the computer. I did try a bit of humanization but it didn't sound good.

Anyway - here it is, Dragonborn:

(no prizes for guessing what I've been doing with my life when I'm not making bangin choons or writing awesome fantasies about lesbian fairies)

Rock on.