I'm off on a jolly boys outing around (hopefully) sunny scotland in Sept on the Tuono and although I've got a baglux tank cover and tankbag, TBH, I find the whole tankbag thing a bit cumbersome, and not keen on using it again, and backpack is a no-no for that sort of (4 day) trip, so am thinking tailpack this time
Doesn't need to be that big ( just really enough to hold a washbag, few paird of kecks and something to wear in the pub in the evening etc), and don't see me doing another road trip after that for at least another year , if at all so not particularly keen on spending that much.

So, if anyone has a half-reasonable nick tailpack that is likely to be able to be secured to the back seat of a Tuono and/or KTM SMR950 (I'm lending my KTM to a mate for the trip and he needs to sort luggage too), that you want rid of, or even are prepared to loan for beer/ favours etc, please let me know.